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At Skunk Feather Concentrates our mission is to provide the cleanest, safest, and highest quality concentrates possible. To ensure patient safety and peace of mind, every product we produce is held to rigorous safety standards and tested at a minimum for potency and residual solvents. All crumbles, sugars, and shatters are tested for over 35 terpenes. We specialize in solvent free, terpene rich, highly potent medicine. We are proud to be a SC Labs Certified Concentrate Company. 

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We have created partnerships with farms throughout California to ensure a constant supply of material to work with that is cultivated responsibly and without the use of systemic pesticides. Our cultivation partners are award winning and world renown for producing some of the highest quality and best tasting cannabis on the planet. 






"Smooth and overwhelmingly perfect"

— Culture Magazine




Industry Veterans 

Our team has been dedicated to the art of cultivating and concentrating premium cannabis for over a decade. We utilize cultivating partnerships, innovation, and science, to create highly potent, aromatic and flavorful cannabis extracts. Our concentrates always test above 70% total cannabinoids. We only source terpene rich cannabis trim and flowers to artfully craft some of finest crumbles, shatters, and distilled cannabis oils in the world. Our promise to you is that we do this time and time again without ever sacrificing quality or potency.